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Katsumasa FUJITA

Professor, Ph. D.
Department of Applied Physics, Osaka University
2-1 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871, Japan
office: P2-300, Suita Campus, Osaka University
phone: +81-6-6879-7847

Symposium: BRI 2019

We organized a symposium: Biomedical Raman Imaging 2019 on 24 - 26 Nove, 2019 in Osaka. There were 129 participants from many different countries!

A report in Spectroscopy, 35 (4), 43–46 (2020).

Research Topics

HeLa cell stained with AttoR6G phalloidin

Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy
We are developing optical microscopy techniques which can resolve fine structures of samples with the spatial resolution beyond the diffraction limit of light. By using saturated excitation or photoswiching of fluorescent molecules, we induce nonlinear fluorescence respoinse to realize super-resolution imaging. For example, saturated exction (SAX) miroscope can be realized by simply modulating laser intensity and demodulating fluorescence signal in a typical confocal microscope.

The figure shows the fluorescence images of a HeLa cell stained with AttoR6G phalloidin (xz cross-section). SAX microscopy can image fine structures that can not be resolved by conventional confocal microscopy.

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753 cm-1 : Cytochrome
1686 cm-1 : Protein
2852 cm-1 : Lipid

Movie by Raman
Cell division: cytokinesis
Cell division: mitosis
Raman microscopy for imaging of biological samples
We are developing Raman microscopes to image and analyze biomolecules in living cells. Raman scattering spectra show molecular vibrations in a sample, that contain rich information about species, conditions and environments of molecules. We have developed a slit-scanning Raman microscope and applied it to imaging of biomolecule dynamics in a living cell. We are also developing a higher-sensitive Raman detection technique for cellular imaging by using surface-enhanced Raman scattering and Raman tags to image small molecules.

The figure shows a Raman image of living HeLa cells. Molecular vibrations detected by Raman spectra produce the distribution of proteins and lipids in the cells.

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Alkyne (EdU), Cytochrome , Lipid

Raman tag imaging
Raman tag imaging is a new technique to observe small molecules in living cells and tissues. Small molecules are too "small" to be labeled by fluorescent dyes and could not be observed in the physiological conditions. We have demonstrated the use of Raman tag to visualize small molecules. Raman tag, such as an alkyne, shows a Raman band district from intracellular molecules and allows us to observe small molecules labeled by Raman tags with Raman microscopy. The Raman tag also realizes multiplexed imaging of many different molecules via the extremely narrow emission band of Raman scattering. We are also working on the application of the Raman tag technique for pharmaceutical researches.

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Review Articles and Others

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